Personal ProfileMichelle King's Bio Pic.png
Michelle King is a Chicago-born resident and a product of the city’s public schools. She has been married to her best friend for over 27 years. From this union, they have two amazingly talented children; Michael (25) a musician and Mya (23) a dancer, both are pursuing their dreams with the support of their loving parents. They are proud of their present status of being “empty nesters” given that both of their children graduated from college (Oberlin College and the University of Illinois Champaign–Urbana) and currently reside in New York City.

Academic Accomplishments
Michelle King graduated from National Lewis University with a dual degree in Elementary Education and Psychology. She holds a Master’s Degree from Saint Francis University (Teacher Leadership). She also matriculated through Saint Xavier University and received another Master’s Degree (Educational Leadership and Administration). Although Mrs. King has obtained many degrees, she knows the importance of becoming a life-long learner. With that said, she has procured numerous subject matter endorsements (Gifted Education Teacher, English As A Second Language (ESL), Language Arts, and Social Studies) as well as committed to ongoing Professional Development opportunities. Mrs. King is also a humbled member of the Kappa Delta Pi (International Honor Society in Education).

Curriculum Vitae
Mrs. King has taught for 25 years in various learning environments. She started her teaching experience within the Archdiocese of Chicago (St. Benedict The African 1990 – 1992), but decided to “pay it forward” and serve within the Chicago Public Schools (Alexandre Dumas Technology Academy 1992 – 2013). She recently shifted her focus to a diverse learning community (Courtenay Language Arts Center 2013 – Present) where she simply enjoys working with genuinely sweet primary Students.

Teaching Efficacy
Mrs. King believes that ALL children can learn, which means she is merely an entrusted vessel committed to serve and inspire “other people’s children”.

“Paying It Forward”
As aforementioned, she knows the importance of “paying it forward” and that you live and serve with immense intensity everyday as if it were your last day on earth. Mrs. King emphatically serves others by way of various community services and charities (personal life), mentors novice Teachers, and coordinates the New Teachers’ Induction Program (professional life).