Dear Parent(s):

Homework is extremely important and it is vital to your child’s success. Your child will follow a weekly routine of working with words, practicing math concepts and other skills. Listed below is your child’s weekly homework schedule:
Weekly Words

Group A Words
  • set
  • sent
  • ten
  • tell
  • well
  • jet
  • let
  • get
  • all
  • call

Group B Words

  • car
  • art
  • barn
  • start
  • farm
  • card
  • yarn
  • part
  • dark
  • hard
Fry Sight Words

Group A Words* come
  • made
  • may
  • part
  • over
  • new
  • sound
  • take
  • only
  • little

Group B Words

  • cried
  • plan
  • notice
  • south
  • sing
  • war
  • ground
  • fall
  • king
  • town
Robust Words ("Tier Up”)

pouted – If you pouted, you showed
you were not happy by making a face.

considerate – A considerate person
thinks about the feelings of others.

Weekly Math Objective

Students will use addition
and subtraction within 20 to
solve word problems involving
situations of adding to, taking f
rom, putting together, taking
apart, and comparing, with unknowns
in all positions, e.g., by using objects,drawings,
and equations with a
symbol for the unknown
number to represent the problem.
Idiom of the Week
Idioms are word combinations,
which have a different
meaning than the
literal meanings of each word.

Idiom - Read between the lines

Meaning - Find the hidden meaning


Students will write a sentence for each weekly word.

Math- 3.8

Read 20 Minutes

Students will write a sentence for each vocabulary word.

Math - 3.9

Read 20 Minutes

Students will write a story using their spelling words.

Math - 3.10

Read 20 Minutes

Students will complete
assignments in the Content Areas.

Math -

Read 20 Minutes

Students will choose a book
from our Lending Library to
take home for the weekend.

Parents, your child
should be able to identify characters, settings and events.